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Co-ordinating Specialist Consultancy


An appalling situation prevails over virtually the entire human race. It affects almost every individual – often from an early age. Frequently, it can be damaging throughout entire lifetimes without adequate remedy being available.

This situation exists because there is no discernible evidence of public recognition of the ‘root’ causes of many issues.

So too, there persists a lack of public awareness of the feasibility of identifying the absolutely solutions to them.

These travesties have existed over centuries, without meaningful respite, usually because of the biases of various vested interests.

In the alternative, it has never been realised that absolute solutions are entirely feasible. They do however exist, and a turnaround of this harmful situation can be achieved.

‘The Consultancies’ has been established to oversee a matrix of specialist Consultancy services.

They are committed to identifying absolute solutions to the spectrum of severest issues that undermine the human race.

Each solution is derived from applications of the precepts of scientific understandings. Additional information will be released once arrangements are concluded for a management structure.

In the interim:

Do you require a definitive solution to a serious issue?

As the co-ordinating arrangement, ‘The Consultancies’ can respond to specific fees-paid requests about resolving commonplace issues.

The 'Suppliers' screen sets out the list of areas covered.

In addition, the contact facility can serve as an initial enquiry.